Closet Organizing

If the idea of tackling this project is overwhelming, call us to help sort through it with you. We will help you to purge what you no longer wear from shoes, tops & bottoms to outerwear. It may take more than one day to go through every single item in your closet. So for your first time, we suggest a maximum of 4hrs.

Bellow are some preliminary questions you might want to ask yourself prior to the consultation.

Questions to ask yourself  to see if you still have  FINESWAG

F = Does it still FIT?

I = IS it stained or damaged?

N = Is it NOT comfortable to wear?

E = Have I EVEN worn it in the last year?

S = Is it still in STYLE?

W = WILL I ever wear it again?

A = Does it go with ANYTHING else I own?

G = Does it look Good on me?


We start with a Free 1/2hr consultation booked at your convenience, including evenings if needed. Rates average around $20 per hour.

cell: 604-753-5204

1580 Everall Street, White Rock, BC, V4B 3S9